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Series 1: Introduction to Intelligent Warehousing (Basic)

In a time of restrictions and challenges, warehouse automation can create opportunities and bring warehouse operations back on track.

xSQUARE presents Insights Into Intelligent Warehousing, a series of webinars designed to provide decision-makers insights into how intelligent warehousing can scale your business and boost warehouse productivity with steady throughput.

Our first webinar will focus on the Introduction to Intelligent Warehousing.

You will learn about:

• What are the different types of warehouse operations?
• What is warehouse automation?
• How does warehouse automation benefit your business?
• What are AGVs, and how are they different from manual forklifts?
• How did xSQUARE help an international logistics provider with its intelligent solutions?
• What is the future of intelligent warehousing?

With all this information, we hope to enable decision-makers to make smart decisions about their warehouse efficiency.

Who Is It For?

• Warehouse/Plant Operational Personnel (mid-level management)
• Innovation Project Leaders
• Decision-makers (CEO, GM, VP)