The Bumblebee AGV: The future of intelligent warehousing

The brainchild of one-year-old startup Xiaoxin Machines (also known as xSquare), Bumblebee made its debut in August, after nearly six months of development. The proprietary autonomous forklift aims to help logistics companies address the perennial industry problem of labour crunch, and tap technology to boost productivity and efficiency. Bumblebee can work safely alongside workers during the day, and continue working through the night even after the people go home.

Bumblebee is a plug-and-play equipment that can be added to any existing facility and work in proximity with workers.  One factor that differentiates Bumblebee from its competitors is its level of customisation to meet local needs, says Mr Tay. Most competing products are from Europe, and are made for warehouses with wider aisle spaces, he explains. However, warehouses in Singapore usually have a tighter aisle space due to space constraints. As such, Bumblebee is designed to navigate in narrow aisle space of 2.5 metres, compared to 3 metres by other products in the market, adds Mr Tay.

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