At xSquare, we are dedicated to provide you autonomous forklift solutions that emphasise efficiency, safety and reliability. We have developed a suite of proprietary autonomous technologies, enabling us to offer you the ideal automated forklift that is suited for specific application areas.

No matter the type of forklift, we can change it into a hybrid automated guided vehicle (AGV) where it can be either manned or unmanned (driverless). xSquare’s autonomous forklift system is designed to be adaptable to your current warehouse configurations, allowing for a smooth and seamless transition from traditional forklifts to automated forklifts.


  • Sideswipe XX


    1.5 T

  • Bumble Bee XV

    High Lift Pallet Truck
    1.4 T – 2 T

  • Hoist TX80

    Tow Tractor
    8 T

  • Drift XU

    Power Pallet Truck
    2 T – 3 T

  • Fortress RX60

    Electric Forklift
    2 T – 8 T

  • Springer FX

    Sit-on Reach Truck
    1.2 T – 2.5 T