Xiaoxin Machines, also known as X2 (xSQUARE), is a subsidiary of Goldbell Group.

Having been in the business of optimising warehouses for over four decades, we recognise the manpower and technical challenges faced by warehouse operators. We have decided that it is time for us to harness our knowledge to bring a series of proprietary and best-of-breed technologies to warehouse operators.

xSQUARE's first mission is to bring you a series of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that makes operational and economical sense. xSQUARE's AGVs can be easily implemented without the need to reconfigure the existing warehouse racking and it can co-exist with traditional material-handling equipment and manual human operations.

Supported by an in-house technical team and proprietary reflector-guided technology, xSQUARE's autonomous forklifts provide accuracy and speed in navigations and storage operations for Asia.

Xiaoxin can be written as '晓新' or '小心' in Mandarin, which we interpret as always keeping abreast of and implementing the latest technologies while ensuring that our customers’ warehouse safety remains our top priority.

xSQUARE, Your One-Stop Warehouse Automation Solution - Automated, Optimised, Safe.